Long Cane Hare Scramble Abbeville, SC

Long Cane Hare Scramble Abbeville, SC

The 22nd Annual Long Cane Hare Scramble was held once again in Abbeville, SC by the Long Cane Enduro Association on September 19th 2010. I decided to head down to SC since I had never been there. Started my day at 3:30am for the 5+hr drive over.

The weather was nice with a breeze which helped with the dust. It wouldn’t have mattered much where you raced in the area this weekend, you would have found plenty of dust. We certainly could use some rain! I didn’t make it in time for the Pee Wee race, so there are no photos from that race. A “heal quick” goes out to Will Wooten who attacked the wrong tree, spraining an elbow and breaking an ankle. They fight back Will….just sayin’.

All of my photos from this event are available for viewing/purchase, you can find them HERE. I welcome any questions or comments as always.

Ryan Belue blazing his way to the OA win

Jack Friday making his way through the dusty start